7 Free Backlink Checker Tools Online

Backlinks are one of the main factors of Google search ranking. To get better rankings in Google you need quality backlinks instead of quantity of backlinks. If one of your blogs is having 100 of low-quality backlinks and another blog is having only 1 quality backlink, in this scenario the blog has only one quality backlink will rank better in search in comparison of the blog have hundreds of low quality backlinks. I have collected 7 free backlink checker tools based on functionalities and trustworthiness.

Find Best 7 free backlink checker tools:

Let me explain the best free backlink checker online tools.

1- OpenLinkProfiler.org:

Open Link Profiler is one of the best backlink checker tools available online. It extracts your domain and explores the complete list of backlinks based on LIS (Link Influence Score). Open Link Profiler is completely free and fastest backlink checker tool.

openlinkprofiler.org free backlink checker tool

2- Majestic:

Majestic is one of the finest backlink checker tools. It has the largest link index database. You can check fresh and historic index. It also shows trust and citation flow of your domain. For an example, I checked backlinks for quicksprout.com a popular  SEO tool and a blog run by a famous marketer Neil Patel.

quicksprout backlinks


SEMRUSH is one the of most popular SEO tools. It is a complete toolkit for digital marketing professionals. Along with all other SEO tools, SEMRUSH also gives you an option to do backlinks audit and analysis. It has a daily updated database for your backlinks analysis.

semrush seo backlink tool for a blog

4- MOZ Backlinks:

MOZ brought you an open site explorer where anyone can check backlinks for their domain. Along with backlink OSE also provides DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) for your blog. (Note: It has limited checks for a domain in free version).

moz-ose for wordpress blog

5- BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo gives you an opportunity check backlinks for domains search by keywords as well. It is limited in the free version but good for beginners. You can export all links in CSV, EXCEL, and PDF.

6- Rank Signals:

In Rank Signals, you uncover SEO backlinks & traffic sources of your competitors and your domain. It is a free tool to check backlink. It’s Quick SEO Chrome Extension let you have a quick access to important SEO metrics in your browser. It provides you easy access to important Rank Signals and data like PageRank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank and Traffic estimate.

7- Linkody:

Linkody free version gives you an ability to check 5 unique domains per week. It gives full access to pro members. Free version also a worth to use.

Let me tell you that why backlinks are important:

Backlink helps us to get more referring traffic from other sites. It also increases our blog authority and also gives us a link juice. We divide backlinks into two categories; dofollow and nofollow. Dofollow backlink gives your domain a link juice and nofollow backlink doesn’t give your domain any link juice but having nofollow backlinks are also fruitful.

Here, I tried to explain best and free backlink checker tools available online. There are many other tools available. It is totally up to you that what you feel suitable for your blog. If you feel I left something very important and widely accepted backlink checker tool, please share with me too.


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