7 Free Google Keyword Checking Tool For Beginners

For bloggers, keywords are like a feed for their blog contents. People type keywords in Google and your blog (blog content) comes in front of them. But there are many blogs then? You need to do keyword research. There are many keyword research tools available online but most of them are paid. I have made a list of best and free keyword rank checker tools for Google which will help you to find the best suitable keyword for you.

How will these free keyword rank checker tools help you?

These rank checking tools will check the positioning of your keyword in Google and will show you keyword volume and position in SERP. It will also show you the CPC and a total value of your keyword. Following are the best keyword research tools for beginners if they don’t want to spend money in the beginning.

1- SERPs Keyword Finder:

SERPs is one of the best free keyword research tool available. It has a very simple interface, you need to enter your keyword phrase in search and complete reCAPTCHA and hit enter. It will bring all keywords related to your search term and volume of those keywords. This is one of the tools I often use.

serp keyword for wordpress blog

2- KeywordTool.io:

KeywordTool.io is a very popular keyword checker tool. It searches almost 700 of keywords for your search query. Although it does not show volume and CPC in free version like SERPs but worth to use. You can search keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and App Store as well. It also gives you an option for copy or export selected keywords.

3- Ubersuggest.io:

Ubersuggest.io is another completely free keyword rank checker tool. It arranges keywords alphabetically. It also shows Google trends for keywords and also shows word cloud of your keyword. Word cloud is a very important thing for writing an article.

4- AnswerThePublic:

answerthepublic keyword planner

AnswerThePublic is completely free and a very useful tool for keywords and ideas for writing blog posts. It makes questions by using your keyword and shows as many possible suggestions for you. It adds ‘How To’, ‘Why’, ‘Where’ etc in your keyword and makes a complete question. The old gentleman is showing in above picture does a lot of questioning. 🙁 But it’s good for us. 🙂

question in answer the public

5- Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is brought to you by Google itself. It is mainly for those who have an account with Google Adwords. You need a Google AdWords account to use this. Setup a Google AdWords account, in the beginning, it will ask you to setup Google ads. Just complete your AdWords campaign but don’t live your campaign. Next time it will not ask you to setup AdWords campaign, you can use it free of cost. For finding keyword planner you need to go to tool and choose Keyword Planner.


SEMRUSH is a very popular SEO tool. It is paid but it also gives some free hands to use (I think it limits 10/day). SEMRUSH shows complete volume, trend, related keywords, backlinks and organic search results for your keyword on a single page.

Semrush wordpres seo blog tools

7- WordStream Keyword Tool:

WordStream also has a free keyword rank checker tool for beginners. It also gives you an option to choose industry, for which industry you want to search keyword. Good to check WordStream keyword tool as a beginner.

wordstream keyword tools for your blog

Wrapping it up:

There are many SEO tools available if you want full features then you need to go with paid tools. If you are a newbie and having very less budget so it is worth to use above explained free keyword rank checker tools.

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