5 Must Have Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs

We have set up our WordPress blog but what next? What are the essential settings I need? And how to do? Yes, here I will tell you about Best Free WordPress plugins which will convert your blog in an awesome blog. I am also using all these plugins. And Yes, these WordPress plugins are absolutely free and very useful plugins.

Let me showcase you 5 best free WordPress plugins for blogs:

1- Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin:

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is one of the most powerful and most used free WordPress plugins. There are many SEO plugins available but none of them surpassed Yoast’s popularity. It provides you full control over your blog SEO.

yoast best free wordpress seo plugins


It allows you to manage page titles and meta descriptions on a page by page and post. You can create rules for search engine robots (index, follow, nofollow etc.) and set up a 301 redirection. You can even create fully customizable descriptions for your Facebook and Google+ descriptions. Yoast really is your best friend when it comes to SEO.

2- Google XML Sitemaps:

Google knows about your blog two-way. Either Google will crawl your blog when Google bot has the time or when you tell Google instantly that you just have set up a new blog.

xml sitemap


Of course, you will love the second one, no one likes to wait. Google XML Sitemaps plugin instantly informs Google, Bing, and Yahoo that you have just written a post. With the help of this plugin, you no need to create sitemaps links manually. It will do everything for you. It notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.

3- WP Super Cache:

WP super cache is one of the best free WordPress plugins which will boost up your blog loading time. It increases reload time of any blog. It does this by converting dynamic pages into HTML static pages, which are delivered much faster, significantly increasing the page speed. You only need to install WP Super Cache plugin and turn it on.

wp super cache


4- Jetpack WordPress Plugin:

Jetpack is a complete bundle of all necessary tools for WordPress. It keeps any WordPress site secure, increases traffic, and engage your readers.

Jetpack by wordpress


Jetpack shows you that how many visitors your blog has had, and then helps you get even more through functionality like related posts, sharing and publicizing. Jetpack plugin is developed and maintained by WordPress.com.

5- Wordfence Security Plugin:

WordPress Security plugin secures your WordPress blog. It has constantly updated Threat Defense Feed and its Web Application Firewall also stops you from getting hacked. Wordfence Security is 100% open source and one of the best free WordPress plugins. WordFance gives live, real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your WordPress website. You can also block any IP and country.


wordfence security best free wordpress plugins

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