How To Easily Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments From Database

Blog writers love comments because it makes their blog engaging and people also love comments because they know the value of feedback or pre-asked questions.

It saves time and helps them to have trust in any blog content. In this post, you will learn how easily you can delete all WordPress comments in bulk from the database.

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There may many reasons for anyone to delete all WordPress comments. Might be someone made many dummy comments at the time of development of any blog or someone is tired due to spam comments. Or someone decided not to have any comments on his blog and wants to disable comments feature.

There are two easy ways of deleting all the WordPress comments. Either use any plugin or by phpMyAdmin. I will tell you both ways of deleting comments from the WordPress blog.

1. Delete All WordPress Comments By A Plugin

There is a plugin called Delete all comments easily which allows you to delete all comments in bulk from WordPress blog in a single click. It has the capability to delete all Approved, Pending, Spam and Trashed Comments from your WordPress blog.

How To Use Plugin?

1. Go to plugins section – add new plugin – search delete all comments easily and install and activate it.

delete all wordpress comments easily

2. Now go to the Tools section and click on the “delete all comments easily”.
3. After opening it, it will show you all Approved, Pending, Spam, and Trashed Comments.
4. Now select the checkbox and click on the “Delete all Comments” box. It will delete all of the comments from your WordPress blog.

delete all comments

Note: Once the comments are deleted can’t be restored.

2. Delete All WordPress Comments In Bulk By Using phpMyAdmin

It is very easy to delete all WordPress comments in bulk in a single click from phpMyAdmin.

Follow the following steps:

1. Log in to your control panel
2. Open phpMyAdmin

How To Delete WordPress Comments Using phpMyAdmin

3. You will see all the databases table right side. Locate your database and select it.
4. Select top two wp_comments and wp_commentmeta table. For us, these are sv_comments and sv_commentmeta, because, we used SV_ prefix instead of WP_ at the time of installing WordPress. You will see prefix whatever you used.

empty-comments in phpmyadmin

There are two ways to delete comments after selecting sv_commentmeta and sv_comments.

I- First Method

Click on Empty given in front of each (Highlighted in violet color in the above picture).

It will ask you to confirm whether you want to truncate the table or not?

truncate comments table

Once you clicked on OK, all comments will be deleted.

Note: Here, you have to truncate each table one by one. It will not truncate both together. Select one first and truncate it and then select the second one and truncate it.

II- Second Method

Select top two wp_comments and wp_commentmeta table. For us, these are sv_comments and sv_commentmeta.

second method to delete comments from phpmyadmin

After selecting both tables scroll down the page until the end. Here, select Empty from the “With Selected” drop-down box.

empty comments phpmyadmin

Once you clicked on Empty, it will ask for your permission to execute a query to truncate comments, Click on Yes.

execute the query in phpmyadmin

You will see that all comments have been deleted from your WordPress Blog.

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