5 BEST URL Shortener Sites To Shrink Long URL

We always see that default web pages URLs are very long. If we copy them, those take too much of space and also look ugly.

If you have to tweet any URL at Twitter then It will consume your entire words limit.

With the help of URL shortener sites, you can shrink long URL and save space. It will not look ugly as well.

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Top URL Shortener Sites to Shrink Long URL

I have chosen a few of the best and widely used URL shortening sites to shrink long URLs. They are best by usability and functionalities. I often use these to shrink my affiliate or long webpage URLs.

 1- Bitly.com

Bitly.com is one of the very old and widely used free URL shortener sites. It is very easy to shrink long URL with bit.ly. You only need to copy your long URL and paste it into the box of a URL shortener. It will automatically shrink that URL. The only hard work remains for you is COPYING that short URL. 🙂

Bitly.com - 5 BEST URL Shortener Sites To Shrink Long URL

If you want to keep track of your URLs, sign up for a free account. It will keep track all of your shortened URLs.

Bitly also provides an enterprise solution, if you want premium services you can buy it too for more functionalities.

2- Ow.ly

Ow.ly is also the best URL shortener. It has a very simple interface. Follow a few simple steps and shrink your long URL.

  • Put your long URL into the box
  • Click on Shrink URL
  • Complete reCAPTCHA

ow.ly url shortening

As soon as you complete reCAPTCHA you will get shortened URL.

ow.ly shrinks urls

You can also keep tracking of all of the URLs for your analytics purpose.

3- TinyURL

TinyURL is a completely free URL shortening service. It has a very simple interface.

In the past, people used to use it a lot. With the time, many new URL shortener sites came in with some new features and many of the users of TinyURL moved to them but still, TinyURL has more than 20M monthly visitors.

It added one more function called custom alias. You can give a custom name in shortened URL.

tinyurl url shortening sites

4- bit.do

bit.do is a great alternative of top URL shorteners. It gives you plenty of features in a simple interface. bit.do allows you to customize your short link.

It has one more unique feature, that is QR code. Not only shortening your long URL bit.do also generates a QR code for you.

It keeps tracking of your all shortened URLs. bit.do shows you complete statics of traffic on your URLs. You can create an account on bit.do to manage and track URLs.

bit.do url shortener

5- ShortURL

ShortURL is another free URL shortener service. It doesn’t come with many functions like bit.do or others but worth to use it.

People who only want to short URL for social media and don’t want to track of their URLs, ShortURL.at  is a good choice for them. Simply copy long URL, paste in ShortURL.at and hit shorten URL. That’s it.


Above are top URL shortener sites to shrink long URL with a simple user interface and easy to use. There are many other best URL shortener sites available on the internet but most of them are only for their own services like WordPress also has URL shortener but only for WordPress users. Twitter also has a function to shrink long URL but for its users only.

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