10 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives And Kickass Proxy Sites List

Kickass Torrents or usually pronounced as KAT was one the most popular Peer to Peer BitTorrents. It used to provide the torrent files and magnet links to people. Per Wikipedia, it was founded in 2008 and worked till 2014.

Earlier, The Pirate Bay (TPB) was the biggest torrent on the internet. Kickass Torrents surpassed The Pirate Bay very quickly and became one of the largest torrents. In India, it was competing with Tamilrockers.com, one of the biggest pirate sites in India. Kickass Torrents was available in 30+ languages and English as the primary language of the site.

Many countries are fighting with piracy as it harms businesses. Pirated sites such as KickassTorrent (KAT) or ThePirateBay (TPB) provides contents to the people without taking any permission from the owner of that content. For example: provide movies or TV shows without taking permission from their owners. It badly impacts businesses as it pays nothing in return.

People also be cautious while accessing torrent sites as they can inject virus or malware in your system to steal information.

Note: Before proceeding further you must know that accessing and downloading pirated contents is illegal in many countries. You may be in trouble if you access and download pirated contents. Kickass Torrents also provides pirated contents like Movies, TV shows etc. So be careful. The only intent of writing this article is to pass information not to encourage piracy.

10 Best Kickass Proxy Sites List in 2020

Due to any reason if you are not able to access KickassTorrrents then you can check below given Kickass Proxy sites list. However, many Kickass proxy sites have been pulled off in many countries but some are working fine. You may require VPN to access Kickass proxy sites and to make a safe torrenting.

  1. kat.cr
  2. katcr.to
  3. kickass.cm
  4. kat.how
  5. kat.am
  6. kat.li
  7. kicasstorrent.cr
  8. kat.rip
  9. kickasstorrents.to
  10. proxyindex.net

10 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2020

The owner of Kickass torrents site was caught in Poland in 2016 in an operation followed by the US Government. Artem Vaulin was a Ukrainian national who was behind of this P2P file-sharing site.

It was obvious that once the owner of this popular torrent caught up, the site of Kickass stopped or had problems in accessing. As soon as the torrent lovers face the issues they started looking for Kickass Torrents alternatives.

Following are the some best Kickass Torrents alternatives for you.

Kat.sx – Kickass Proxy Site

Kat.sx - Kickass Proxy Site

Kat.sx is a Kickass proxy site. Kat.sx makes you believe that Kickass Torrents is not dead. It gives you the same experience and feelings which once KickassTorrent used to give you. It simply mirrored the original website of Kickass torrents.

It categorised each torrent so that it can be navigated easily. It made categories such as Movies, TV shows, Audio, Games, Softwares etc.

The plus point with Kat.sx is that it does not show you unnecessary pop pups and does not open any links if you click on a blank page. Kat.sx has community and blog links as well. It also verifies torrents on its platform so that malware can be removed.


the pirate bay torrents sites tpb

ThePirateBay was one of the biggest torrent sites. However, Kickass left it behind and became one of the most popular torrents. Once Kickass torrents got shutdown, ThePirateBay (TPB) emerged again the best alternative of KickassTorrent. Due to copyright infringement, many ISP’s blocked the main domains and mirror domains of TPB. However, you can still access it but you may require a secure VPN to access it.


Torrentz2.eu is a copy of Torrentz.eu. Torrentz2.eu does not host torrents links. It is a search engine of torrents which collect information from other torrents sites and routs users to those sites. In other other words, it is similar to Google which crawls the links of other websites and routs users there once a user clicks on any links in search.

Instead of visiting each torrent you can go directly to Torrentz2.eu and search contents. It looks also indicate that it is a search engine for torrents on the internet.


TorLock is one of the biggest torrents downloading sites over the internet. One of the interesting things about TorLock is, it only lists 100% verified torrents, no fake torrents on TorLock. It also has a bounty program, reports any fake torrents and gets $1 in return. It is really very unique in the piracy world.

It has TV shows, Movies, Games, Softwares etc in its database. You can assume that all torrents will be malware and spam-free. Due to its uniqueness, it has a huge number of daily visitors. TorLock may be one of the best Kickass alternatives for verified torrents.


1337x.to, search torrents

If you ever loved Kickass torrents or The Pirate Bay, you definitely will love 1337x.to. It has a simple interface like Kicasstorrent and The Pirate Bay. 1337x.to is one of the very old torrents sites. It is been able to survive itself for a long time where many big torrents could not survive and shut down itself.

1337x.to has arranged all torrents by categories and it has a list of trending 100 torrents which may users easily can find that what is trending.

Due to copyrights infringement, it is banned in some countries such as Australia, UK etc and also blocked on some specific ISPs in some area.


iDope is a new torrent downloading sites. It is becoming very popular among torrents lovers in a short period of time. It seems that iDope is created only for the Kickass Torrents’s users as it says that “A tribute to Kickass Torrent” on its homepage.

It has enough potential to became one of the alternatives of Kickass torrents. iDope also has a Google Chrome extension and an android app. However, you will not find its app on Google Play Store as it doesn’t comply with Google terms.


RARBG was founded in 2008. It has a huge directory of torrents files and magnets links. RARBG specially provides a wide range of video contents. It has a huge following. It is most popular in the US, around 27% of US population access it.

However, it has a wide range of categories of video contents, it also provides Music, Games and Softwares. It is banned in many countries such as the UK, Denmark, Portugal, Saudi Arabia etc.


Let us clear one thing here that YTS.mx is not Yify torrent. YTS.mx admitted that they are not the people who were behind the Yify torrent. YTS.mx is a clone site of Yify. Yify torrent was taken down due to legal action.

YTS.mx is not similar to Yify torrent to download Yify movies but a good choice if you are looking for an excellent alternative of Kickass torrents. It provides various movies in small-sized and in HD quality.


ExtraTorrents also one of the favourite torrent on the internet. Once it was very popular torrents, later in 2017, it was taken off. ExtraTorrents came back again with a new domain name. It may be considered one of the best Kickass Torrents alternatives among others.

It has various categories such as Movies Torrents, TV Torrents, Music Torrents, Anime Torrents, Games Torrents, Books Torrents, Software Torrents, Pictures Torrents, Mobile Torrents, etc. It has everything for a torrent lover.


Zoogle.com torrents site

Zoogle.com seems a convincing alternative of Kickass Torrents. It has a neat and clean user interface with a powerful search form. Zoogle.com has various categories of torrents on its platforms such as  TV, movies, music, games, apps, anime, books etc.

It names looks like Google.com 🙂 only “G” replaced with “Z”. Zoogle is a trusted torrent site and has a huge fan following.

The government keeps monitoring such sites as these are thread for businesses. Accessing and downloading pirated contents is a punishable offence in many countries so be careful.

There are many legal ways to watch and download movies over the internet. There are many videos streaming sites and apps available, you can opt-in for them.

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