Rank Math SEO Plugin Review And Complete Setup Guide 2020

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: WordPress SEO Plugin By MyThemeShop

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO Plugin developed and designed by MyThemeShop.comMyThemeShop is a well-known name in the industry of premium WordPress themes. It has the customer base of 415155+ at the time of writing this post. This shows the credibility of MyThemeShop. This WordPress themes giant launched the Rank Math SEO plugin.

mythemeshop users

A new powerful and lightweight WordPress SEO plugin that will change your SEO game forever.

You already know that search engines are one of the best and consistent sources of traffic. But the problem is optimizing your website for search engines.

Finding relevant keywords and adding them to the post. Reading the post to make sure it is Search Engine Optimized. Hunting other posts to see if they can be linked internally.

Lots of things you do manually or with the help of third-party plugins and services to make a perfect SEO optimized blog or website.

These are just the things that you need to do for posts. There is also off-page SEO, and technical SEO you need to perform on a regular basis.

The process is so long and cumbersome that most people spend more time optimizing their posts than they did in writing it.

Are you one of them?

If you are, then what MyThemeShop.com has in store for you will change your blogging work-flow forever. MyThemeShop claims that they took three years to research and design this SEO plugin.

Imagine all the on-page SEO steps are taken care of with a single plugin.

Imagine that all you have to do is write your post, publish it, click a few buttons, and then it’s optimized for you.

You are done!!! 🙂 That’s it.

Benefits In Using Rank Math SEO Plugin

  1. Getting tailor-made recommendations to optimize your posts, while you write them.
  2. Setting up OpenGraph and Rich Snippets for your posts in a single click.
  3. Getting all your ranking data directly inside WordPress.
  4. Conducting a complete SEO audit of your website at the click of a button.
  5. Catching important SEO errors and fixing them in a click.
  6. Automatic creation of internal links to your posts.

Major Highlights Of Rank Math SEO

The following are important functions of Rank Math which every blogger and every WordPress based website owner will like.

Import Data From the Yoast SEO Plugin

Rank Math Plugin is very new in the industry of on-page SEO tools. There are many well-established SEO plugins available where Yoast and All In One SEO holds 1st and 2nd positions. Yoast is the first choice of most of the bloggers and website owners. MyThemeShop understood this and gave you an option inside Rank Math to import all of the existing settings from Yoast to Rank Math.

import data from yoast in rank math seo plugin

It will import all settings, post meta, term meta, author meta, etc. All in one click.

Multiple Focus Keywords

Rank Math gives you complete freedom to choose multiple keywords. Even, you can check your keyword that how it is used throughout the post, click on that keyword and this SEO tool will show you how it is optimized. If you find it well optimized you can make it a primary keyword too.

Note: MyThemeShop has linked the focus keywords area to Google search. When you type keywords you will see that it will show you Google search suggestions. It means you have a free keyword research tool as well.

focus keyword in rank math-seo

keywords in rank math

Inbuilt SEO Analysis Function in Rank Math

You can audit your blog yourself now. No need for a third party plugin or SEO analyzer websites, no more bulky codes. Rank Math brought to you an inbuilt SEO analysis feature.

You can see whether your blog is optimized properly for SEO, like Title, Meta Data, Keywords Cloud, your Robots.txt file, Sitemap file, site load time, mobile usability, etc. It gives you a complete report of your blog.

seo analysis in rank math seo for wordpress

404 Errors Monitoring

Rank Math has given you an awesome feature that is called 404 error monitoring. It will show you all real-time 404 errors inside of the plugin and also allows you to redirect them to the correct URL by clicking on a link.

AMP Pages

Google started the AMP project for a slow internet connection to accelerate web pages on mobile. Rank Math gives you an opportunity to do SEO for your AMP pages as well.

By default, Rank Math suggests you install AMP plugin by WordPress but you can try it with others as well. It is compatible with AMP for WP and WP Rocket plugins as well.

amp plugin by wordpress

Link Suggestions

It gives you a link suggestions functionality on the sidebar of your post editor. You can insert links automatically and manually whatever you feel best for you.

link suggestions by rank math

URL Redirection

Rank Math gives you a dead or abandoned URL redirection feature as well. It is very easy to redirect your old URL to a new one. No more third-party plugins required.

link redirections in Rank Math

Local SEO Function In Rank Math

This is something unique function is provided by Rank Math. You must say Thanks to the MyThemeShop team to take care of your local SEO. 

If you have a specific area oriented business like a local shop or you provide any services in any particular area etc. You must try this powerful SEO function to grab more customers.

local information in local seo fields

  1. Fill your business email address
  2. Business phone number
  3. Your business address
  4. About Page
  5. Contact Page

By showing these details in search you can attract more visitors and more visitors mean more business.

SEO For WooCommerce Product Pages In Rank Math

With the help of the Rank Math plugin, you can also do SEO for your WooCommerce based e-commerce shop. You only need to activate this function from the Rank Math dashboard.

Rank Math also launched a separate SEO plugin for WooCommerce based blogs. It is compatible with Yoast and other SEO plugins as well.

Note: You must have a copy of the WooCommerce plugin installed on your site to activate this function.

seo for woocommerce shop

Role Manager

Again MyThemeShop’s team did a great job. They provided an inbuilt Role Manager function.

Do you have multiple authors or admins/editors etc?

This is something for you. With the help of the Role Manager, you can give access to your authors or admins/editors to perform only a designated task. You can restrict people to do an unwanted thing on your site.

By doing so you will protect your site and data.

role manager for multiple users1

role manager for multiple users2

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. It carries additional information that the search engine able to identify on the page. In Rank Math, you can set up it for each post and page with additional attributes.

Rich Snippet in rank math seo

It gives you a long list of the Rich Snippet type. Choose whatever you feel relevant to you.

long list of rich snippet type in rank math

Search Console

It is an awesome feature. Rank Math SEO has an inbuilt Google search console. This SEO plugin shows you a complete list of keywords, their rankings, impressions in search, CTR, etc. It will surely win your heart.

search traffic and click through rate in rank math

Sitemap by Rank Math

Why use a separate plugin to generate a sitemap? If the Rank Math plugin has an inbuilt sitemap?

Yes, Rank Math has an inbuilt sitemap function. Whenever you have a new post published it notifies Google & Bing instantly.

sitemap in rank math

Rank Math SEO Plugin will help you to remove lots of plugins from your blog. You use multiple plugins to optimized every single action explained above, by using Rank Math you will get everything in one plugin.

How To Setup Rank Math SEO Plugin On Your Blog

Rank Math has given you a one-time setup option. Setup your plugin once and rank well always. 🙂

Following are the steps to configure the Rank Math plugin properly:

1- Connect with Rank Math Account to Activate Rank Math

You need to connect the MyThemeShop account to activate Rank Math plugin if you are a MyThemeShop user. If you are not a MyThemeShop user you can skip this step.

mythemeshop login in Rank Math seo

2- Checking Compatibility

Rank Math will check compatibility whether your website or blog is compatible with the Rank Math plugin. It checks the PHP version, WordPress version, etc. For me, it is showing an error message of conflict with the Yoast SEO plugin and a sitemap plugin installed on my blog. You can click on the deactivate button if you want.

Click on more to see that your blog is compatible with Rank Math or not.

check compatibility in rank math

3- Import SEO Settings

If you want to import your old SEO settings which you did with Yoast plugin click on “start import from Yoast SEO” if you don’t want to import you can click on “skip don’t import now“. In this case, you need to configure your all blog posts again like update meta title, meta description, etc.

import data from yoast in rank math seo plugin

If you chose to import old SEO setting my recommendation is to check all setting types. after finishing import settings click on continue.

4- Selecting Website Type

Here you need to select a type of your website or blog, like a personal blog, news site, Webshop, etc.

blog settings list in rank math

blog settings in rank math

You can tell Rank Math that you have multiple authors on your blog or you are the only one.  You can also update an OpenGraph thumbnail. If you have no featured image for your post, it will work as a default thumbnail.

5- Google Search Console Setup

Verify your site on Google Search Console and connect it here to see crawl error notifications, keyword statistics, and other important information right in your WordPress dashboard. Get the authorization code from the Google Search Console and authorize the plugin to fetch your profile.

6- Sitemap Setup

If you want to setup a sitemap with Rank Math you can enable it and choose the options which you want to include in your sitemap. I will not recommend you to add categories and tags in a sitemap.

Why don’t I recommend Taxonomies and Archives in the sitemap?

Categories and tags are not important to the search engine’s point of view. Categories and tags are only for users to navigate your blog. It also depends on your blog and the site’s nature. It is totally up to you how you are running SEO for your blog. I will not allow these to get indexed.

I keep categories and tags no-index for my blog. If I keep them index it creates duplicate contents for me in search results and it can impact my SEO badly. So I keep them no-index.

7- SEO Tweaks Option In Rank Math

Automate some of your SEO tasks like making external links nofollow, redirecting attachment pages, etc. It also includes the complete optimization and configurations with external services like Google, Bing, Alexa, etc.

seo tweaks in rank math seo plugin by mythemeshop.com

A Quick Review of SEO Tweaks Options

Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives – Setting empty archives to noindex is useful for avoiding indexation of thin content pages and dilution of page rank. As soon as a post is added, the page is updated to index.

Nofollow Image Links – Automatically add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to all image links appearing in your posts, pages, and other post types.

Nofollow External Links – Automatically add a rel=”nofollow” attribute for external links appearing in your posts, pages, and other post types.

Open External Links in New Tab/Window – Automatically add a target=”_blank” attribute to external links appearing in your posts, pages, and other post types

Strip Category Base – If you want to remove the “Category” word from your category’s pages URL you can enable this option.

Redirect Attachments – Redirect all attachment page URLs to the post they appear in.

Redirect Orphan Media – Redirect attachments without a parent post to this URL. Leave empty for no redirection.

Further, in this section, you can update your search engines console verification code or id like Google Search Console verification HTML code, Bing Webmaster code, etc.

search engines configurations in rank math by mythemeshop

You have the following options to configure. MyThemeShop tried to add almost every popular web services here.

MyThemeShop almost covered everything in a one-time setup while installing this SEO plugin. But if you want to make changes in plugin settings, you have an option inside the Rank Math Plugin. Locate Rank Math in your WordPress dashboard and change the setting which you want.

editing seo settings- rank math mythemeshop

Wrapping it up

Rank Math SEO plugin has pretty much functions to handle your blog’s SEO. It is simply one place for almost every on-page SEO related task. Rank Math gives everything free of cost.

I don’t think that you should spend your money on buying any paid SEO plugin if you have Rank Math.

Overall it is good. You must try this. You will enjoy it.

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