How To Convert Videos From YouTube To MP3: Free Online Tools In 2020

Today we will learn how to convert YouTube to MP3 in 2020. You all know that there are billions of videos hosted on YouTube.

You will find videos on each topic on YouTube. Same to other topics, there are many music videos on YouTube, no matter what is the language.

Music companies make a channel on YouTube and upload their songs free of cost for everyone. People listen to whatever they like.

Best YouTube To MP3 Converter 2020 | YouTube Audio Downloader

You can listen and watch them on YouTube only. What if you want to carry an audio file in your mobile and other music devices?

To listen to YouTube videos only in audio format (MP3) you need to convert YouTube videos to MP3. You have to take the help of some YouTube to MP3 converter tools.

I have made a list of some online tools that will be very helpful for the people who want to convert YouTube videos to mp3. Convert YouTube To MP3 Or MP4 and Download Audio File is a very popular tool to convert YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 format. It is completely free and uses the highest quality of videos while converting to MP3 or MP4. YTMP3 only can convert video up to 2 hours.

How to use YTMP3?

  • Open on your web browser
  • Insert your desired YouTube video link in the box shown on the home page of YTMP3 Convert YouTube To MP3 Or MP4

  • Once you click on the convert button, it will convert your YouTube video into MP3 or MP4, whatever you selected.

ytmp3 download. Convert YouTube To MP3 Or MP4

  • Now you can directly download the MP3 file by clicking on Download or you can upload it to Dropbox. Converter: Record YouTube Video Converter allows you to record videos from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, vk, and others too many formats with clipping. Either you want an mp3/mp4 from a video or a GIF image video. Yout will help you.

How to use

  • Once you open you will see a clean homepage with a text box.
  • Copy video URL from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, vk, etc and paste in the text box. youtube video converter

  • Once you paste a video URL, Yout will go on the next screen youtube video converter options

  • Here, you can set the desired format of video MP3 or MP4
  • You can change the quality of an MP3 file
  • Title and artist name also can be edited
  • You can also make an MP3 file for a specific area of the video. Let’s say you have to make a mobile ringtone from a specific area of the video so you can set start and end time and then convert in MP3
  • Once all settings are done click on Record MP3
  • As soon as you click on Record MP3, it will start downloading your MP3 file Converter is another awesome tool for converting YouTube videos in MP3. Just insert the YouTube Video link in the text box and hit the start button.

converting YouTube videos in MP3

After hitting start, you have to choose video quality and click on download. Your download will start.

click on download y2mate

4K YouTube To MP3 Software

4K YouTube to MP3 was specifically created for audio extraction from YouTube, VEVO, SoundCloud and Facebook in MP3, M4A, OGG.

  • You need to install 4K YouTube to MP3 software
  • Once you install the application
  • Copy the video URL which you want to convert in MP3
  • Open the application and click on paste in 4K YouTube application
  • And it will start converting video to MP3

quality settings under tools

You can change file format, quality of the song, etc in Smart Mode.

4K Video Downloader smart mode A Free Online YouTube Audio Downloader Tool

Converto is completely free video to MP3 converter. It gives you the facility to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4.

  • Just copy the video URL and paste it into the text box.
  • Next, it will ask the format (MP3 or MP4)
  • Once you select the format hit the Convert button.
  • Before hitting the Convert button you can change some settings by clicking on the nearby gear icon.

converto youtube to mp3 converter

The Legal Prospect of Converting YouTube To MP3 or MP4

However, downloading and converting (MP3 or MP4) your own original content from YouTube is completely legal. Before downloading and converting other contents you need to get permission from the owner. You probably can download or convert freely available contents but can’t use for commercial purpose. read more…


  • We used YouTube videos URL and songs videos images only for information purposes.
  • While using the above tools you may see some links are opening automatically, beware of such links they may be misleading and spams.

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